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Using Nutraceuticals to influence cellular health



I stand behind a unique, researched, patented, effective line of natural products for the cells of our skin, hair, brain, also helping with gut and immune support, and even horse and pet health. They were game-changing for me helping with sleep, better energy, mood, and brain focus, and an important step while working on other aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.



How does damage to a cell occur and what does this have to do with my health? 

Through the thousands of toxins in the environment, cleaning products, plastics what you put on your face and skin or hair, etc.  The foods you eat, too little or too much exercise,  stress, not enough sleep.  It can even occur in utero and throughout our lives and is largely implicated in the aging process. As your cells sustain damage they have a harder and harder time taking out the garbage.   Oxidative stress can build up through an excess of free radicals and injure the cell. Impaired functioning can also develop through other cellular pathways and that is what sets us up for a myriad of disease processes such as inflammatory conditions, autoimmune issues, heart disease, cancer, and neurodegenerative illness.


These groundbreaking tools have been developed by scientists in a forward-thinking thoughtful company.  Interested in learning more? Click here to access videos and research and here to take you to a site if interested in ordering.

Please contact me for more information and to ask questions.

(919) 946-4169


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